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How does the Restube buoy work?

RESTUBE is a pneumatic reusable buoy that allows you to safely reach the shore or calmly wait for help. Perfect for anyone practicing water sports or being on the water.


RESTUBE is a lightweight security buoy placed in a small handy bag that you can always have with you. The bojka is permanently connected to the belt fastened with a buckle at the waist. The Restube, after pulling the pin, is filled from a typical 16 gram CO2 cartridge in fractions of a second.

After filling, it has a buoyancy of 75 N (7.0 kg) which is enough to keep the head of each user above the surface of the water. After filling, we grab the buoys to rest, calmly wait for help or sail in a safe direction.

Regardless of whether there is a strong current in the water, it will catch us a contraction, it will spoil the water equipment we use, or simply for a better feeling it is worth having a RESTUBE booster with you because it can save our lives.

RESTUBE can also be filled with the mouth through the drain-inlet valve. This valve is also used to drain CO2 or air (after pressing the valve with the inverted plug). After installing a new CO2 cartridge, rolling up the buoy and storing it in the RESTUBE bag is ready for reuse. The buoy is made of durable material, approved for the production of life jackets. It can be used in both fresh water and seawater. All materials used have certificates necessary for the production of life jackets. All RESTUBE products come from Germany and undergo 100% quality control.

After being removed from the box, the Restube boiler is ready for use. It does not require any special maintenance. It is recommended to check its tightness before re-use by inflating the mouthpiece with your mouth. After use in sea water, it is recommended to rinse the filling panel in running water.