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dmuchane boje asekuracyjne

How does it work?

Inflates Safe4sport safety buoys enable you to take some stuff with you when you swim in open water reservoirs.

A tight, dry chamber in MasterSwimmer and PerfectSwimmer buoys you do not have to worry about your clothes, documents or phone when you enter the water. You can put all your valuables into the buoy and take them with you.

Thanks to the open chamber in IronSwimmer buoy you will never have any problems with taking food and water when you go for a longer swim. You can take everything along and have a meal whenever you want, without having to get out of water.

  1. Put your stuff into the buoy. Avoid items with sharp and hard edges
  2.  Roll the top part of the buoy, closing the opening of the dry chamber tightly.
  3.  Latch the buckle
  4.  Inflate the air chamber and close the valve
  5.  Put the harness on your hips and adjust it
  6. Attach the harness to the buoy with a strap

When you swim, you drag the buoy along. It does not disturb you or cause resistance. When the buoy is adjusted correctly, you will not be able to feel it. In case you weaken or experience muscle cramps, the buoy will act as a necessary safety device.

After the swim simply deflate the buoy and fold it. The folded buoy is of a size of a 1-litre bottle. You can easily put it into a backpack and walk or cycle home.

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